The Importance of Building a Business Treasury for Long-Term Success

Key Takeaways:

  1. Having a robust treasury function in your business can be critical for sustainability and growth, especially in a fluctuating economy.

  2. Businesses should ideally maintain at least three to six months of operating expenses in cash as a buffer against market challenges.

  3. Investment in assets like real estate or conservative stock portfolios can help businesses outpace inflation and build wealth over time.

  4. The depreciating currency rate poses unique challenges for American small businesses, highlighting the need for strategic financial planning.

  5. Long-term thinking and planning can position a business to capitalize on opportunities when market conditions cause competitors to falter.


Timestamp Summary

0:00:32 Performance is not indicative of future performance.

0:01:03 Importance of having a treasury or focusing on the treasury function in business.

0:01:57 Business is getting harder due to inflation and the need for a sustainable growth strategy.

0:04:17 Start with shoring up emergency cash and then consider other investments.

0:06:08 Currency depreciation and the need for strategic cash flow management.

0:07:38 CPA’s analysis on cash allocation for clients.

0:08:52 Planning for financial stability and turning April showers into May flowers.

0:09:39 Contact information for more information.

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