Episode #3: Discipline is the Key to Wealth | TWB S1 E3 | Robbie Thompson

Discipline is the Key to Wealth | TWB S1 E3 | Robbie Thompson

Robbie Thompson, an engineer and executive in the architectural engineering construction field, joins the Wealth Blueprint Series to discuss his origin story and the importance of family and finance. He shares his experiences growing up with a hardworking mother who taught him the value of education and discipline. Robbie also talks about his entrepreneurial ventures in high school and the opportunities for wealth building in the construction industry. He emphasizes the need for second chance offenders to explore careers in construction and the importance of passing down wealth principles to the next generation.

Key Takeaways:

- Opportunities for second chance offenders in the construction industry can help close the labor gap and provide a path to financial stability.

- Real estate is a valuable wealth-building tool, but it's important to invest in affordable areas with growth potential.

- Balancing work and family life requires open communication and understanding in relationships.

- Hard work, problem-solving, and leadership skills are crucial in the architectural engineering construction fields.

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These conversations from the intersection of Family and Finance are long overdue. We hope that you enjoy this episode and the others that will be released weekly (Wednesday). 

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